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Q. How old will my Blackcombe puppy be when it comes home?

  • In accordance with the Dogs SA code of ethics, my puppies leave for their new homes at 8 weeks of age. 

Q. Does my new Blackcombe puppy come with papers?

  • Yes, all my puppies come with Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) papers. 

Q. How many litters do you breed per year?

  • I generally only breed when I are looking to keep a puppy for myself. I do not breed puppies to satisfy the pet market.

Q. How much does a ‘Blackcombe Norwegian Buhund’ cost?

  • Typically, puppies are priced at $3,00.00 with full ANKC registration papers. 

Q.  Are buhunds reliable with children?

  • Bunhunds are extremely affectionate and generally LOVE children. And, provided they are trained and socialised correctly, and very importantly, children are encouraged to treat the buhund with kindness and respect – then, yes, they can be very reliable around children.  But, however reliable you may think any dog is (even your own), we believe that no dog should ever be left unsupervised with children or babies.

Q.  How much exercise does an adult Buhund require?

  • The Buhund is a working dog and they require lots of exercise. Running loose in the backyard is not considered exercise. Do not consider getting a Buhund if you cannot provide this basic requirement.

Q. How much exercise does our Buhund puppy need?

  • Young puppies under twelve months of age should not have ‘forced’ exercise, such as jogging or very long walks on the leash. The mechanical movement of a puppy being forced to maintain the same pace on a leash before it is fully developed can cause damage to loose ligaments and immature joints. Free exercise, where the puppy can change from walk, to romp to trot, are fine, as well as shorter periods on leash, for training, etc. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia are joint diseases which can be induced by improper exercise. Joint and ligament problems can also result from allowing your buhund puppy to jump in and out of cars and trucks and continually using stairs.

Q. Can my new puppy run free with other dogs?

  • Just like having forced exercise or jumping down and up from the ground and high places, having your puppy run free with dogs that are bigger and older and stronger is highly likely to result in injuries to your puppy. Hence, whilst I do provide a guarantee on my puppies for hip and elbow dysplasia – this guarantee will be voided if you allow your puppy to run with older, bigger dogs before they are mature themselves (at least 12 months).

Please do not consider getting a Buhund if:

  • you are unwilling to train and educate your dog.
  • you dislike regular exercise.
  • you don’t value constant canine companionship and abundant buhund affection!
  • you don’t own a good vacuum cleaner! (if your buhund will be in the house with you – which is exactly where they want to be..).
  • you cannot afford high quality dog food and veterinary care.

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