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norwegian buhunds

About Norwegian Buhunds

Buhunds are a beautiful ancient breed, belonging to the the class of dogs called Spitz. In excavations of ancient Viking graves in Norway, the skeletons of bones believed to be the ancesters of today’s buhunds have been found – they have changed little over the centuries making them the hardy, spirited little Vikings they are today.   These dogs travelled with the Vikings on their many voyages of conquest and discovery, both by land and sea. Their name derives from the Norwegian terms ‘bu’ which means home, or homestead or farm and ‘hund’ meaning dog. Hence, they are the guardians of home and hearth. 

They are energetic and extremely loving and affectionate. Intelligent, agile and hardy – they make excellent family companians for children and adults alike. They also possess the talents and desire to make great obedience and agility dogs. One of my buhunds is also a great ‘ratter’ and does a good job keeping vermin from the yard.

Because of their temperament and working desire, they need some vigorous exercise every day – or else they can become bored and mischievous. Their hardy weather proof coat needs a good brush once a week and they need to be kept out of extreme heat, of course. The cold is no problem! They do shed – and because they are extremely connected to their owners, they do like to come inside and take part in all household activities – so if you decide you’d like to welcome one of these wonderful dogs in to your family you will need a good vacuum cleaner!  However, they are very clean in themselves and are good housedogs once they are know their place and are old enough to leave their puppy behaviours behind. 

 No breed is for ‘everyone’ – but I have found these beautiful, devoted, funny and fearless little dogs to be an absolute delight – I love them.  And… they have improved my fitness!

Take the link below to see the FCI Breed Standard for the Norwegian Buhund.

Buhund Breed Standard

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